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2016Deny01/19/2016Install tile into lift station Put tile in ditch area & cover ditchFjerstadRosebudView
2016-0112/29/2015Replace structurally deficient bridge with 2 lines of 10 foot by 5 foot reinforced concrete box culverts because the bridge is currently structurally deficientProposed replacement is 2 lines of 10 foot by 5 foot reinforced concrete box culvertsSwenson View
2015-3310/22/2015Clean ditch along twp. road south side approx. 50 yards. clean ditch in field approx 100 yards. clean ditch along old railroad going south approx. 20 feet to culvert. JohnsonGarfieldView
2015-3210/30/2015Ditch needs cleaning and culverts need replacing. Culvert #1 is rusted out and culvert # 2 is frost heaved and separated concrete. Polk County has furnished this culvert with landowner installing it. See attached map.WilkensGodfreyView
2015-3110/27/2015Drop NW Culvert 12" clean West DitchHubbardView
2015-2909/03/2015Clean 3 side ditches and main ditch going east. Boer under rail grade 24" and clean ditch between rail bed and Hwy 75 going North Plug ditches where circled yellow shaded area drains to project # 24AbentrothHubbardView
2015-2809/03/2015Basic cleaning of all ditchesAbentrothHubbardView
2015-2710/05/2015Install ditch along south property lineEngelstadLibertyView
2015-2610/05/2015Clean Road Ditch along Polk County 44 and Polk County 1 - Clean Existing field ditchesEngelstadLibertyView

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