Regional Conservation Partnership Program


RCPP Locations

The Regional Conservation
Partnership Program (RCPP) is a
new, comprehensive and flexible
program that uses partnerships to
stretch and multiply conservation
investments and reach
conservation goals on a regional
or watershed scale.


Partners participating in RCPP can
use their local knowledge and
networks to undertake conservation
projects by joining with agricultural
producers to restore or sustain
natural resources such as:

  1. clean and abundant water
  2. healthy, productive soils
  3. enhanced wildlife
  4. pollinator habitat

The district signed the agreement in September of 2016 to participate in the RCPP program to explore upper and lower detention areas of the Sand Hill. The Lower Sand Hill River has many issues related to increased runoff rates.Reduced channel stability along the Sand Hill Ditch has led to significant bank sluffing and channel head cutting. Much of this material is then deposited further downstream where channel slopes moderate, resulting in reduced channel capacity and increased risk of flooding.

The Upper Sand Hill Watershed’s location within the Red River Basin, when combined with issues along the Lower Sand Hill River Watershed, has potential for benefit both locally and Red River Basinwide. The Sand Hill River Watershed District will continue planning to determine ideal locations for retention with the uppoer portion of the Sand Hill River Watershed District.

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Local public scoping

Participating Watershed Project Areas

  • 1 Beltrami Island State Forest
  • 2 Klondike
  • 3 Middle-Snake-Tamarac JD-19
  • 4 Middle-Snake-Tamarac JD-14
  • 5 Four Legged Lake
  • 6 Pine Lake
  • 7 Upper Sand Hill River
  • 8 Green Meadow
  • 9 Maccasin Creek
  • 10 South Branch Wild Rice River
  • 11 Rabbit River
  • 12 Bois De Sioux Direct
  • 13 Five Mile Creek
  • 14 North Branch Park River
  • 15 Forest River
  • 16 Upper Maple River
  • 17 Rush River
  • 18 Swan Creek
  • 19 Antelope Creek
  • 20 Tongue River
  • 21 Shortfoot Creek
  • 22 Whitney Lake