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Ditch # 80

Polk County Ditch 80 provides an outlet for approximately 4.2 square miles. The existing ditch consists of approximately 3.5 miles of open channel, and has over 45 feet of vertical fall. Flows frequently break out ofthe drainage area, and flow overland, impacting the adjacent Maple Creek. Landowners submitted a petition to the SHRWD to investigate improving the system and adding laterals to control break out flows.

In anticipation of the petition for Ditch 80, the SHRWD applied for funding through the Multipurpose Drainage Management Program, which is part of the Clean Water Fund administered by BWSR. The SHRWD was successful in securing funding for the installation of side inlet pipes along the ditch channel.

These practices will reduce the contribution of sediment into the ditch system, and also reduce the costs required by the benefitting landowners.

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